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How Much Does Website Development Cost In India?

Do you think the website development cost in India is justified?

Well, they are. But there are a lot of things to consider before choosing your vendor to build your app for you. This is because only when you invest every last penny in your app, you can be satisfied with the money you spend and at the same time achieve your ROI goals through this effort. The cost highly depends on many factors including the size and scope of your application, development framework, nature of business vertical, resources required, and other expectations like work schedule, deadlines, or even resources you may need for website development cost in India.

Ideally, the overall development of the app can cost you a monthly deposit, and the life of the project can range from one month to three months, depending on the number of iterations performed and your overall features. Any decent tech company in India can
charge you close to Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. This would be a total retention model. On the other hand, if you use hourly base rates, you will be charged anywhere between Rs. 900 and Rs.1,500 respectively.

Other flexible pricing models work based on complex features or other API integrations, specific resources, performance, and progress analytics. Several factors have a direct impact on the cost of website development in India.

How Much Does Website Development Cost In India?

How Much Does Website Development Cost In India? - Wider Group
How Much Does Website Development Cost In India? – Wider Group

Areas where you can indulge in cost-cutting

There are areas where you can afford to cut costs if you pay a little more attention.

The nature of the application

The level of complexity of your application, the basis of the framework you want to integrate, the source platforms you want to program your next application on, etc.


If you think you have a time-sensitive idea that needs to get to the market early to take advantage of the demand by being at the right time, then you’re in a position to set the overall pace of the entire workflow.

In such cases, you force the company to hire several additional resources to make the whole process beneficial for you. And, of course, it costs a little more money than usual.

Result-oriented development

If you want to get to the top of the charts as soon as you enter the market, then it is inevitable that you need to accurately reach your target audience and give them a solution before they even understand what is going on around you. Marketing can thus be not only exhausting but also cost-sensitive.

The best solution to reduce the cost of web development is to hire a professional company that also has the right knowledge in the field of marketing. Also, hiring one person for everything you want to do will ensure you don’t burn yourself out too much before you even get started!

How to find the perfect website development company at a price?

Judge your seller based on their portfolio

One of the common mistakes companies make when hiring an additional developer is to hire someone based on the cost, they quote you. But this approach will simply drive your efforts to the ground. You should rather hire a website development company in India based on their market position, their success in the web application segment, their marketing action plan, product testing, improvisational practices, etc. Because only through all these you would be able to decide on a company that simply brings your vision to life.

Communicate and understand their work style and use of technology

There are different kinds of programming languages, coding platforms, testing methods, customizing functionality, etc. that go further and further behind the screen. Maintain the relationship with your supplier in such a way that you don’t get too involved during the development cycle while ensuring that you are always a passive member in the loop who always knows what to expect and where you stand. A company like Wider Group understands the complexity of your situation, which is why we provide you with a dedicated client service team that is always available to take on any requests while keeping you in the loop!

Consulting experience

Anyone around can think of an idea that could be the next big thing in the market. However, developing your web application should conform to several expectations. And once you’ve clearly explained the vision you have for the business, the company in front of you shouldn’t just be thinking about ways to impress you with a product. Rather, put yourself in the shoes of your customers, see what matters, explore the viability of the idea, and then they will offer you the incentives that will result in the birth of an infallible app that can be completely trusted to turn out great.

An extremely resourceful team

All it takes is one person who can design things, one person who can weave code, and one more person who can take care of the overall journey and user experience. But only with lots of eyes assessing the viability of your idea and all the little analyses along the way, can you iterate on your idea until you reach a product that can bring you the returns you’re looking for. After all, it is not easy to become a monopoly of the segment you are looking at. The cost of website development in India is probably the most affordable due to the quality we deliver. Contact us for a free quote for all your requirements today!

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